Properties in Australia need fencing and these fences are present in the markets in several types. The number in which, they are present can confuse you, but experts say that by studying them or comparing them, it would become easy for you to choose one. In a majority of cases, you'll be offered two most popular types of fencing at any suppliers and the names are modular fencing and Colorbond fencing. Both of them are extremely versatile and very popular throughout the nation. So here in this post, TNMG Insert let us compare these two types of fencing solutions offered to homeowners.

Comparing the Cost

The first question that every buyer asks is regarding the cost of these two fence types, so here are some details of the installation cost of different kinds of fences.

  • $65 - $100 for Colorbond fencing
  • $80 - $125 for hardwood fencing
  • $191+GST for SlimWall modular fencing
  • $280 - $350 for a treated pine slat fence
  • $550 - $800 for a brick wall
  • $750 - $1000 for a rendered brick and steel fence
  • $800 - $1200 for a sandstone and timber fence

If the installation cost of these two types is compared, you'll get a clear winner, i.e. Colorbond fencing that is also known for aesthetics, noise reduction and durability. These features are there in modular fencing too, but the cost in which you get it is the difference-maker. The message is loud and clear that Colorbond is one of the cheapest fencing options present in the markets

Can you DIY it?

DIY installation, maintenance and repair work can cut down after sales servicing cost significantly and this, it has to be used as a parameter while comparing. The good news in this regards is that both of these fences as well as Colorbond fence extensions too can be installed through DIY. This is not recommended, but still if you have the tools, you can attempt DIY in installation and maintenance. In repair work, it is not recommended though to attempt DIY and thus, it's better to rely upon the experts.

The bottom line here is very clear that yes, both modular and Colorbond fencing are DIY friendly.

Installation Time

  • The time taken in the installation will define its final cost because often the installation experts charge on the basis of per/hour.
  • According to the vendors of Colorbond fence extensions, the installation time of both these types is almost the same and this would differ based on the size.
  • The disadvantage with modular fencing here is that it will need to be finished post-installation and this will also consume some time.
  • But the good side is that you can get it finished based on your property's appearance so that both the property and the fencing could complement each other.
  • Here the message is very easy to understand that both can be installed quickly and if experts are doing this for you, the time taken would reduce significantly.


  • In terms of durability however, the clear winner is Colorbond fencing as with it, you get a 10 year warranty for weathering and colour fastness.
  • Moreover, it is tested in different Australian climates and the warranty is covered for weathering and colour fastness.


The Colorbond fences company, no matter in which part of the country you get them installed, will provide you a whopping ten years guarantee.

This guarantee would be on everything like posts, rail, infill sheets and everything included in Colorbond fences WCMT Insert services.


The style feature of Colorbond fences Capalaba cannot go unnoticed at all.

The company would give you so many options to pick from in terms of colour, shape and design, which means that you will get the best solution, which will meet both your fencing and landscaping requirements.

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